Bob Tillery Drops By

Bob Tillery was with the 238th from 8/69 to 2/71 he has provided some pictures that I thought all would like to see.

Rest and Recreation in Tokyo

Rest and Recreation in Tokyo

Tillery AO in Phu Heip

Tillery AO in Phu Heip

Bill Carlisle with 2 Donut Dollies

Bill Carlisle with 2 Doughnut Dollies

Time on the beach

Time on the beach

238th Sapper Attack

238th Sapper Attack


Thanks to Bob Tillery for the pictures. I hope others will submit more of them for me to post.

238th AWC Taking Technical Flack

Web Site Had Major Problems

If you recently tried to visit the site and clicked on the menu links you saw that they didn’t work. I was doing some maintenance and updating plugins. One of them was corrupt and I did not catch it right away. The site suffered issues starting on 10/10/13 and have been corrected as of 10/19/13. I had problems on my other sites as well and had to take care of them first as they were costing me a lot of lost money.

Sorry for the problem but all is well now. I hope you guys will send me some pictures and stories that I can post. Visit the site and leave me some contact info so I can get back with you. I will give you my email and or address to send in your pictures and stories.

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New Look To 238th Web site.

Hi everyone! I am again working on the website. I’ve been busy but now have some time to devote and I will be making some changes and update. I have new files to post. I will be recontacting Steve McCoy to request his assistance so look for new material soon.

Don’t forget I am looking for stories and pictures be sure to send them to me at:

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This picture below is of someone whose name I don’t know. If you know who he is please email me.


The good looking fellow below in the pretty hat is Phil Gesell.

Phil & Susie (Hootch Maid)


Send me anything you have on your Vietnam days.

Steve McCoy To Assist with 238th AWC Website

Status Update

I am happy to inform everyone that I have been in contact with Steve McCoy and he has accepted the position of co-webmaster for this site. I am still employed full time and it is very difficult for me to devote the time needed to the site. Steve is retired and has time to devote for which I am very thankful. Steve has experience as a webmaster and I am sure he will add much needed skills and ideas for further development of this site. Below is a picture of myself on the left and Steve on the right in our younger years. Please welcome Steve to the site and contact him with any ideas and requests you may have for the site. You can contact and give suggestions or make requests using the comment section on this page for ideas you may have for our website.

James (Billy) Coats & Steve McCoy

James (Billy) Coats & Steve McCoy

To all those who served in the 238th

James (Billy) Coats

I (James “Billy” Coats) am in the process of rebuilding the old Gunrunner web site. It will not happen over night but I will work at it when I can. I have all of Gene Kennedy’s files and some of my own that I will be putting up.

If you have stories or pictures that you want added to the site please email me at:

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